Nick Ford - Solo Pilot - Wings of Kilimanjaro WORLDSERVE INTERNATIONAL
Nick Ford - Solo Pilot - Wings of Kilimanjaro
Nick Ford - Solo Pilot - Wings of Kilimanjaro
Nick Ford - Solo Pilot - Wings of Kilimanjaro

My Story

Imagine you are a child again, only this time imagine you are a child in East Africa.

Every day you have to walk miles before school to collect up to 20 litres of water on your back. Sometimes you are late for school and get punished. Sometimes an animal has got into the water and made it unsafe, you get sick.

This is happening all over East Africa, every day. Thousands of people do not have access to clean, safe water.

Worldserve International is attempting to solve this problem by building solar powered water systems all over the region. They need help.

My Name is Nick. I am hoping to climb the worlds tallest free standing mountain (Mt Kilimanjaro at 19,341 ft) and then fly off on a paraglider. Why?

Firstly, I am hoping to raise money for Worldserve international. EVERY PENNY raised here will go towards digging fresh water wells or building schools for kids in East Africa.

Secondly, I'm hoping to change my life. I realise not only how incredibly privileged I am sat here here in the Western world, but also that every once in a while we need to push our limits to find out exactly what we are capable of. Climbing up to 19,000 feet will not be easy - many don't make it, and the mountain doesn't always bless you with the weather to fly off safely - few people in the world have done this successfully to date.

However I'm going to give this the best shot I can and hopefully bring some positivity to the people and children of East Africa.

Thank you so much for your help, remember every penny goes directly to those who need it.

P.S. If you want to know more about the charity or the expedition, watch the film from last year....https://www.wingsofkilimanjaro.com/


Thank You

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