Adam Robinson - Tandem Pilot - Wings of Kilimanjaro WORLDSERVE INTERNATIONAL
Adam Robinson - Tandem Pilot - Wings of Kilimanjaro
Adam Robinson - Tandem Pilot - Wings of Kilimanjaro
Adam Robinson - Tandem Pilot - Wings of Kilimanjaro

My Story

This page is setup, by WOK, to make things simple for anyone that views this concept as something of value. All donations are tax deductible.

I fell in love with Africa, in 06'- 07' - and while spending years searching a good portion of our planet, to find a place that inspired me, I kept coming back to Africa as a whole. They say "it gets in your blood"..

I consider this area, a 2nd home, one of the few last wild places, and that has great value in my mind.

I have traveled to as remote of locations as I could, in different areas of Africa, and along the way, seen many things, that enabled a lot of perspective. Answering questions like - what is actually important...

Being able to contribute to Wings of Kilimanjaro, is exactly the type of concept that inspires me. Bringing water, is a life changer; being able to help facilitate that for potentially 1000s of people, as well as education, for a lovely, admirable culture, in rural Tanzania, by offering my experience as a tandem pilot; would be a privilege. Not to mention, experiencing a tandem paragliding flight from the Roof of Africa (19,341 feet), is likely a once in a lifetime event.

In 07' or 08' I climbed Kilimanjaro; at the summit, the super fit fellow out of Moshi town that paced with me the whole way up, asked "what are you searching for Adam"

Subsequently, I decided I need to do something fulfilling with my time. In 2010, I shifted to Africa full time, to try to do some things, very similar to what this organization is doing. I assure anyone reading this, its a significant accomplishment... The rest is history.

Please watch the mini documentary, which helps to get across the big picture, and consider contributing to this campaign, sending me to Kili, to help facilitate this admirable goal.

Literally, almost every dollar raised via WOK, goes directly to the mission - bring water, and education, via what ever means necessary, in an area, where many would need to walk many miles per day, for water, used for bathing etc

I assure you, this is an unusual concept, most NPO, or NGO in Africa have massive overhead, vs the end result. This is another reason I can support this effort, with no reservations.

This concept also fosters tourism, in general, which facilitates jobs, which is good for everyone.

Back in the day, I would have donated this money needed, in a heart beat, but today, I need your help, so I can help others. I will also be creating a crowdfunding page, to cover my own personal basic needs, to get to, and up the mountain. For that, I need, 6500$, total. With all humility, I am asking for your support, so I can offer my services, to get the job done.

The trek starts in mid September. My birthday is in September; I can't think of a better way to celebrate life than to focus on wild places & making a difference in a positive way.

The goal, and money raised, listed at the top of page, is to cover, the on the ground details, to facilitate reforestation, bringing water to rural areas, education where there is none, and more.

I believe we can do it. As the saying goes "it takes a village"

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, email - parantics@gmail.com

Thanks, lets do this !

Thank You

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